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Infinity Clinic

See how we helped Longevity online clinic demonstrate its strengths through the Webflow website and different integrations.






What we did

Figma design

Webflow website

Integrations with Calendly, Typeform, HubSpot

About client

Our clients at Infinity Longevity Clinic followed the creation of the anti-ageing solution for a whole decade. When the peptides started to be researched more and more, they realized this was the future of medicine, and they had to make it accessible. They developed a modern online platform that creates anti-ageing solutions and makes them ubiquitous.

The problem

They needed a place where their customers could get answers to questions and have the opportunity to get a consultation related to slowing down aging and regeneration. We have transformed this request into an effective solution.

Our approach

At MVP Now Studio, we start by asking the right questions, listening, and digging deep to determine what will make this website the most effective. During the first interview, we identified the actual pains and needs of the client and formulated a plan: we need a website on Webflow with its own integration package with Calendly, Typeform and HubSpot.

Design session

During the design session, we agreed on the visual style and structure of the site. We discussed the design processes and gave an estimate for the design and site development.


In the next stage, we moved on to wireframing. Here we work as a team with the client; they write the content page by page, we execute the wireframe page by page, then create a design and transfer it to Webflow.


We love to use Webflow because it has a friendly, understandable backend, and our clients can easily update content on their site anytime.


At the MVP stage, we made several pages and connected Calendly to them, after which we tested the site in the client's environment. Based on the testing results, we continued to work and completed the rest of the pages.

Typeform and HubSpot

Next, we connected the MailChimp mailing service, which we also integrated into Zoho CRM so that leads using Zoho Forms get into the Zoho CRM database. Through the integration, the leads are sent to Mailchimp, where an automated request sends the mail to users.

Work with us

We had a blast building a website and creating integrations from the ground up with Infinity Longevity Clinic. We are passionate about building apps and creating automation with no-code tools. We would love to walk you through some more details of this project or talk about the vision you have for your product.

Send us an email, and we will schedule a chat: