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S.T.E.A.M. Champs

We helped Niesha Butler launch S.T.E.A.M Champs, Black Woman-Owned Coding & Robotics Educational Center.





What we did

Figma design

Webflow website

Integrations with Zoho One

Integration with MailChimp

About client

Niesha Butler is a basketball player, software engineer, and entrepreneur. She decided to run S.T.E.A.M Champ — an online and offline school for children with exciting lessons on robotization, lego, and coding.

The problem

Niesha needed a platform where parents and children could get information and sign up for champs.
Also, there was a request to automate collecting and processing leads and quickly change the site's content. She planned to launch a promotional campaign, so we had to implement everything at high speed. But we don't mind, look how it turned out.

Our Approach

During the first interview, we identified a list of problems and requirements and planned to solve them: we had to create a platform on Webflow and integrate it with Zoho One to achieve marketing tasks.

Design session

We analyzed competitors' websites during the design session, settled on the style, and built the site structure. We must show a story about the future of children who choose technology-enabled careers, which must be inspiring for children and parents.


We chose Webflow because it is effortless for clients to edit and update content on the page without needing to log into a clunky, disconnected dashboard that overcomplicates publishing. Webflow also gives us all the necessary integrations with Zoho that we had to do.

Zoho One

The next step was preparing for the marketing campaign. We connected an existing service with course information and schedule and a new Zoho One service. It allowed us to collect leads from Zoho Forms with further integration into Zoho CRM for processing.


Next, we connected the MailChimp mailing service, which we also integrated into Zoho CRM so that leads using Zoho Forms get into the Zoho CRM database. Through the integration, the leads are sent to Mailchimp, where an automated request sends the mail to users.

Niesha Batler, CEO at S.T.E.A.M. Champs

Our favorite thing about creating a platform for S.T.E.A.M Champs is that we were not just helping to build a platform — we helped create space for future software development. Furthermore, for us, this is something personal. We would love to walk you through some more details of this project or talk about the vision you have for your product.

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